Why JIYUU Athletic Wedding Rings?

by Tennille Rice December 05, 2015

Why JIYUU Athletic Wedding Rings?

Why JIYUU Athletic Silicone Rubber Wedding Rings
Why JIYUU Athletic Wedding Rings? Our rings are made of 100% medical grade silicone rubber, making them safe, comfortable and durable enough to withstand any activity. Perfect for CrossFit, Weight Lifting, MMA and even hazardous jobs - think Firefighters, Police Officers, Defence Personnel, etc. JIYUU rings sit comfortably under your gloves during an MMA session, won't hurt your partner while grappling and won't pinch your skin when lifting or gripping a barbell. It also means that you can safely store your expensive wedding ring away for special occasions, keeping it out of harm's way while you do the things you love!

The popularity of silicone wedding rings in the USA has been rising, we tried out some of the different brands and loved them but wanted an offering that was owned and distributed locally. JIYUU was designed to provide high quality wedding rings that would last and could be worn at all times, at prices that were affordable and with free shipping within Australia and New Zealand. Australia is a big country (New Zealand not quite as much!) and living in Port Hedland we definitely know the importance of being able to order quality products and have them delivered straight to our door.

We're always interested to hear what you would do wearing JIYUU, send us a note or tag us on Facebook/Instagram with your favourite activity!

Tennille Rice
Tennille Rice


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Size Guide

Have a look at our conversion charts below, or check out our ring sizing guide here!

Men's Ring Sizes

JIYUU - Numerical Australian - Alphabetical Inside Diameter Inside Circumference
8 P 1/2 18.1 mm 56.9 mm
9 R 1/2 18.9 mm 59.5 mm
10 T 1/2 19.8 mm 62.1 mm
11 V 1/2 20.6 mm 64.6 mm
12 X 1/2 21.4 mm 67.2 mm
13 Z 1/2 22.2 mm 69.7 mm
14 Z 3 23 mm 72.3 mm

Women's Ring Sizes

JIYUU - Numerical Australian - Alphabetical Inside Diameter Inside Circumference
4 H
14.9 mm
46.7 mm
J 1/2
15.7 mm
49.3 mm
L 1/2
16.5 mm
51.8 mm
N 1/2
17.3 mm
54.4 mm
P 1/2
18.1 mm
56.9 mm
R 1/2
18.9 mm
59.5 mm

Bamboo Tees

 Men's Tee
 Width (a) cm:    S 48   M 51   L 54   XL 57   XXL 60
 Length (b) cm:  S 68   M 70   L 72   XL 74   XXL 74
 Women's Tee
 Width (a) cm:    S 41   M 44   L 47   XL 50
 Length (b) cm:  S 60   M 62   L 64   XL 66